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United States of America vs. Jon Burge, 08-cr-00846

Documents related to the federal criminal prosecution of former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge.

Jon Burge Sun-Times CoverJon Burge (archives of John Conroy's stories on Burge) was a Chicago Police Commander when he was fired from the force in the 1993.  He was fired related to allegations of torturing confessions from suspects.  Allegations has surfaced the detail that allegations started shortly after Burge joined the force in the early 1970s and continued throughout his tenure on the Chicago Police Department.  Most allegations stem from Burge's time at both Areas 2 and 3.  An independent prosecutor's investigation found evidence of abuse but they stopped short of calling what Burge did torture.  After the report was issued the independence of the "independent prosecutors" was significantly, and credibly called into question. 

In 2008 Jon Burge was indicted in federal court for perjury and obstruction of justice related to his testimony while be deposed in federal civil suits related to his actions as a Chicago Police Office.  In the press conference announcing the indictment US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald labeled Burge's actions as torture. 

You will find here access to up to date court filings in the federal criminal prosecution of Jon Burge.



*Documents appear in ascending order.

**Some documents have been declared "SEALED" and therefore are not accessible.

*** Some documents have not been posted (under CJP's discretion) due to a lack of significant information.

Last Updated: June 8, 2010





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