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The Freedom of Information Center

CJP believes that the Freedom of Information Act is a vital tool for communities to learn about the actions of the criminal justice agencies working on their behalf. CJP ardently supports a robust Freedom of Information Act and is a frequent user of the rights afford Illinois residents under the legislation.

Data Sets Available for Download

In this section of our site you will find the data sets CJP has available for download. These data sets are frequently updated.

Data Sets Available for Download - Read More…

How to Add or Upload Data to CJP’s Available Sets

CJP will allow other transparency advocates, journalists, and researchers to send us their data to be added to the data sets that are available for download.

How to Add or Upload Data to CJP’s Available Sets - Read More…

Relevant Documents of Interest

In this section you will be able to access documents we believe will be of interest to those that are interested in transparency in the criminal justice system in Chicago.

Relevant Documents of Interest - Read More…

Active FOIAs

Here you can taccess the current requests CJP has filed with criminal justice agencies in Chicago and Cook County under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

Active FOIAs - Read More…

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Blog Entries
Cook County State's Attorney's Office FOIA - Felony Review Mar 23, 2015

This FOIA request is the start of CJP's campaign to open the Cook County State's Attorney's Office's data for public access. Here we request data related to 5 years of Felony Review cases.

We Have Moved Jan 19, 2015

New Contact information for CJP!

CPD FOIA IPRA Data Jan 12, 2015

We replicated the FOIA we sent to IPRA regarding accessing digital stored data related to complaints against officers for a single month.

[read more]