More Opinion Worth Lot Less Than She Thinks

Once again, we have a self-declared expert on Chicago’s violence. This time it is gaming industry attorney and former candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney Donna More. She authored an OpEd in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday March 8 that jumps on the bandwagon to support another equally uninformed opinion, that of Bob Milan. More’s[…]


New FOIA Verifying SAO Practices

On Tuesday March 7, 2017 the Chicago Justice Project filed the following request for records under Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO). Unfortunately our FOIA lawsuit has dragged on for over a year now and despite the promise of Kim Foxx taking the office in December we have[…]

Fact Checking Bill Daley’s Violence Solution

Everyone seems to have a solution to Chicago’s violence these days, despite not much familiarity with the issues beyond the headlines and certainly beyond academia’s leading research. The latest entrant: Banking magnate and former U.S Commerce Secretary Bill Daley. He authored an OpEd in the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday March 1. Let’s fact-check Daley’s letter[…]

Domestic Violence Database CPD FOIA

The following FOIA was filed with the Chicago Police Department on February 17, 2017: Please provide the following records in digital format under Illinois’ Freedom of Information Act: A. Please provide the database records related to domestic violence that were provide to ABC Chicago News and are reported on in this news report: Please[…]


More Faux CPD Transparency

Fran Spielman, where is the list?  You know real transparency is not the head of the CPD making clout related promotions available just to officers. It needs to be available to the public also. Otherwise we are reliant on journalists like you to get quotes from those opposed and against the promotions and pass that[…]