Holding Justice Systems accountable.
Building community trust.
Making Chicago safer.


We serve Chicago communities by analyzing criminal justice data to empower Chicagoans to implement evidence based reforms.


We work to open data across Chicago & Cook County justice system through our “systemic approach” to transparency.


We link data across agencies to greatly increase the power of our research and make it accessible for all.


We then open that data using state of the art websites to assist communities as they advocate for change.

About Us

A justice system that is transparent and evidence-based leads to better outcomes for all. We're striving to force transparency in the City of Chicago and Cook County in order to create safer and better-informed communities.
Empowering Chicagoans and creating safer communities through government transparency.

In 2012, we played a major part in securing the passage of the first Chicago police board reform in more than 60 years. Our study of 10 years’ worth of police board decisions was critical to this reform effort. Later in 2013, we published a first of its kind study of local reporting on violence against women in Chicago’s two large daily newspapers. Our results uncovered massive biases in reporting on both domestic violence & sexual assault and illustrates the mixed messages Chicagoans receive when news coverage represents these crimes in exactly the opposite way they occur in Chicago.

We’re currently working to secure 36 years’ worth of felony level court data from the Cook County Circuit Court. Our litigation in this case will once and for all open access to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s criminal prosecution data so that Chicagoans can get an accurate picture of the stat of their city.

Our ultimate goal is to connect data across the entire City of Chicago and Cook County justice system. This will greatly enhance our ability to hold justice system agencies accountable for their actions and decisions that affect the lives of everyday Chicagoans.

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